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Christ has returned again to establish a Headquarters promoting  acclaimed Christ's Letters  and  encouraging people of all races and religions to form a Fellowship of Christ's Way.  Christ  explains origins of Christian dogma  imprisoning people in mythical beliefs for two thousand years.   He lovingly calls on  seekers of Divine Truth to unite in creating an Era of Love, Peace and Joy.   He promises to be their Shepherd and Protector.
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have descended from the Highest Celestial Realms in the Eternal Realms of Being.

I have come to speak directly to you through the medium of my


channelled through the mind of my dedicated Recorder, after almost 50 years personal contact & gradual purification of her mind and emotions to enable her to receive my high spiritual vibrations.

I would have you understand that after my death by crucifixion, my human persona dissolved and now it is the    risen CHRIST    who speaks to you.

expressly to rectify the misinterpretations of my Teachings in Palestine because all Church dogma is impeding your spiritual progress as thousands of people are discovering world-wide.

As you read these Letters,  you will realise that they could only have come from the HIGHEST  SPIRITUAL  SOURCE adapted to limits of present worldly understanding.


for those who are ready and eager to put foot to the self-same spiritual path I travelled when on earth.

They describe the true   CHRIST PATH leading all  into the glorious
State of Being  I termed:  the Kingdom of Heaven.

This STATE of BEING can be manifested even on earth and YOU, too, can create it if you can rid your mind of ages-old mental programming and have the will and longing to do so.


STUDY THE LETTERS         and adhere to the Teachings
and then men and women    THROUGH ENLIGHTENMENT will be saved from their ignorant use of their mighty thought power, even as I taught when in Palestine and which has been overlaid by the humanly contrived dogma of Christian churches.

will tell you exactly what I really meant when I taught on earth.

From them you will be able to understand the spiritual/scientific REALITY from which you have derived your being.

I have come as I came long ago - to show you how to liberate yourselves from the travails of your existence.

Do not let my efforts be in vain!

CHRIST'S LETTERS are also available: en Français, en español, in Italiano, in het Nederlands, sa Tagalog, på svenska, auf Deutsch, em Português, po polsku, на български

He speaks about how to  establish  the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

He also calls for people to create a Membership of those who would like to dedicate their talents or lives to helping create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
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Please note that the Recorder has enhanced the title of the book, and it appears now, in its second edition as  
She felt it would emphasize the urgency of the distribution of Christ's teaching and hopefully attract a wider audience because so many people have confused Christ's teachings in his Letters with the New Testament interpretations and Christian dogma.

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