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Christ has returned again to establish a Headquarters promoting  acclaimed Christ's Letters  and  encouraging people of all races and religions to form a Fellowship of Christ's Way.  Christ  explains origins of Christian dogma  imprisoning people in mythical beliefs for two thousand years.   He lovingly calls on  seekers of Divine Truth to unite in creating an Era of Love, Peace and Joy.   He promises to be their Shepherd and Protector.
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It would be tremendously encouraging to other seekers of Truth, if  students of Christ's Letters would offer a testimony concerning changes in themselves and personal conditions after following Christ's Teachings for some time.

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In response to certain SPIRITUAL QUESTIONS regarding Christ's Letters, inspiration flows from Christ to Recorder. Christ is mindful of all who come to his Letters with a sincere and dedicated heart.

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Recorder wants to make it clear that no questions of a personal nature will be answered.  She cannot tell you where to be living  in 2012,   what name to choose after divorce,  what Jesus has to say about details in the Aquarian gospel, what does Christ say about Mary Magdalen, about Judas, etc.  (A few of the unanswerable questions posed at times.)
Christ is not a fortune teller nor is his mind an Akashic Record of all human knowledge!    Please understand that Christ has long since left all human conditions on earth ... unless there is a good and urgent reason for His returning to effect a rescue or healing in response to impassioned prayer.
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