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Welcome to the Question and Answer section

When reaching the end of channelling Christ's Letters, Christ inspired me to say that if questions were asked, Christ himself would answer. When the website was launched, I was a complete novice, not knowing what questions would be of general interest. It is only now that I am receiving important questions - and which, after prayer, are being answered inspirationally, that I realise it is time to set up this section.

Regarding the picture above, I must explain that the dark sky represents the darkness in which our human consciousness normally resides. The people's faces are those of the Christ's Way Workers on the websites. If you look carefully, you will see they are all looking upwards with eagerness and anticipation because we meditate daily to draw inspiration from Divine Consciousness and as we meditate and call on Divine Consciousness to illumine us, we draw IT's Light into our minds. Without such inspiration how could we dare to send out Answers to people's sincere and earnest Questions regarding spirituality?

If you have a question to ask, please send it to Recorder contact@christsway.co.za

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When Christians reject Christ's Letters, ask them these questions to make them stop and think
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