Christ speaks of his reasons for returning to dictate these Letters. He says mankind brings its own woes upon itself through its thoughts and actions.

He speaks of the importance of brotherly love and its role in spiritual evolution. He warns of the seeds being sown for global terrorism and crisis, a time of travail.

He tells us there is no such thing as “sin against God”, only the spiritual-scientific principle that you reap as you sow. 

He says Christianity should die a natural death.

He tells what the Beast is and of its threat to mankind.

He explains our true Source of Being, the origins of “human personality" and says it is what is in our hearts and minds that creates the conditions and disasters we see in the world. He tells us how we can create a new reality and says the key lies within each of us. 

Christ emphasises that sickness is not the Father’s will. He explains the true source of disease, including HIV.

He dispels myths about his time on Earth, telling us why he was crucified and why his mission was not properly recorded. He describes his six weeks in the desert and how what he learnt changed him from a rebel to a Master and Healer.

He tells us about the Kingdom of Heaven, the nature of God, and the nine principles of creation.