Christ notes the history of the Jews since the crucifixion. He spells out the causes of the coming world crisis.

He tells us that Prophets and Teachers are of one Mind and one Love, and that He and Muhammad, Buddha and all other Masters have ascended into Christ Consciousness.

Christ tells us what we need to do to achieve perfection in Paradise. He says all people are equal. He tells us that the only way for us to survive the turmoil is to rise above religious differences and live as a spiritual brotherhood of love. He explains how each person can make a difference, how each one can improve his or her surroundings through their thinking.

He and the other Masters speak about the source of gender differences and the effect of sexual relationships on men and women, their lives and the world. They speak about purity and spiritual love.

They say the battle between the sexes is affecting the world, and they explain the origins of viruses. They say the attitude between men and women will eventually change, spiritual progress will take place and children with new spiritual potential will be born.