I, the CHRIST,

Have descended from the Highest Celestial Realms in the Eternal Realms of Being to speak to you. 
I have come expressly to rectify the misinterpretations of my Teachings in Palestine
because church dogma is impeding your spiritual progress.

Because people are on the threshold of a world crisis of enormous proportions, 
it is vital for survival that I, the Christ, should reach all who will listen. 

You know little of the true processes of creation in which you play a major role.
It is imperative you understand them to enable you to implement
a higher vision for all humanity.


They will tell you the true meaning of what I taught.
You will understand the spiritual-scientific REALITY from which you have derived your being.
They describe the CHRIST PATH leading all to the
glorious State of Being I termed the Kingdom of Heaven. 

This State of Being can be manifested on Earth.

Men and women will be saved from ignorant use of their powerful minds.

They will learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and how to heal lives and the Earth.

They will learn that your world is UNIVERSAL LOVE made visible.

As dictated to RECORDER